Sunday 29 April 2007

The Best of the Habanos - TOP 12

Hello there all visitors!

I kindly ask you one or two little things if you come by this blog:

1. Please leave a comment (anonymous is ok) where you mention top 3 of your favourite Cuban Cigars.

2. You can also make an additional top 5 list of cigars including all other countries if you like. just remember to mention the coutry of origin also...

i am trying to make a poll here...

please and thanks

peace out

Friday 27 April 2007

Review - Partagas Chicos - 65/100

This small Cuban cigar was a huge disapointment to me. I don't know if i had too high expectations, but i cannot help shedding a tear for this one. manufactured by machina, cut tobacco leaf, poor texture and loose wrapper... not for me...

There was also positive features, such as a rose-like hint in the unlit aroma and a developing bittersweet aroma while smoking. This cigar feels on the tip of your tongue...

one star for brand, another for low price and country of origin, but no more.

Origin: Cuba

Construction 13/20
Appearance 13/20
Smoke/Ash 6/10
Burn 15/20
Draw 15/20
Aroma 3/10 (3,3,3)


Strenght 5/10
Aroma 3/10

Here We Go Again

Just got the delivery from Bugge. All cigars neatly packed and in airtight plastic bags. All seem to be in exellent shape. Could not be better. Writing some reviews along the smoking...

peace out

Thursday 26 April 2007

Expanding the Realm

Today i registered to the forum for some peer support. trying to get sensible hints and tips and a little wider view on this subject. All help is appreciated!

Today i also bought a bottle of Lanson Champagne and 3 bottles of Freixenet Cava to be popped open on the eve of Labor Day, April 30th. We finns have a peculiar habit to celebrate every holiday a day too early (chistmas eve, midsummers eve etc...).

Luckily for me the champagne was stored properly at the retailer and is now as an anonymous commentor was wise to remind me of, thanks

May 1, we'll get together again with friends and have a brunch (Coeur de Filet and such) at a local restaurant and i'll definitely gonna enjoy an exellent cigar or two...

until then (or if i get the delivery from Bugge earlier...)

peace out

Wednesday 25 April 2007


I am anxiously waiting for the delivery from Bugge... no word yet...

Accornding to them, I'll get my smokes in a couple of days...

ordered on 20th April, delivery time supposedly 8-10 days -> friday? monday?


Tuesday 24 April 2007

The Thing That Should Not Be...

So... as i promised, here are some pictures of my humidor at the moment, it is not much of a looker, but very inexpensive and totally care free. atleast it is a 1000 times easier to balance this one as would be a cheap wooden humidor. And the inner elements can easily be adjusted to make room for more loads of cigars.

--- --- ---

Here i will lay a proof of my craftmanship - a picture of my own production...

... as soon as i get my ass up from the couch and take the picture. more about it then...

peace out!

The Journey Continues...


I just ordered a selection of medium sized cigars from Zigarren-Bugge. this is what i hungered for:

Partagas Mille Fleurs (3 pcs)
€ 4,00 / 1 pcs

Montecristo Joyitas (2pcs)
€ 4,90 / 1 pcs

La Flor Dominicana Demitasse (2pcs)
€ 3,90 / 1 pcs

Nicaragua Selection Senoritas (2pcs)
€ 2,85 / 1 pcs

Total costs 50,30 EUR 9 cigars including delivery and one original wooden cigarbox
(about 67,40 USD)

on top of this, i'll receive a free 5pcs package of Partagas Chicos (total 4,7 EUR) as a result of a reclamation on a busted cigar delivered...

In finland this all would have cost me about 62 EUR (82 USD) WITHOUT DELIVERY, so this is not expensive, right?

writing reviews on these soon... hopefully good ones...

Review - Balmoral Royal Corona - 79/100

This Cigar may be lighter in color than the maduro version, but the flavor in nothing of sorts. Although there cleary are similarities considering the smooth taste, this baby has a kick in it that the Maduro version lacks. In other ways it falls behind its darker brother though.

The longer you smoke the cigar, the more versitile the taste developes. I myself found it great, that i could find hints of pepper in the aroma and the fragrance of the smoke.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 16/20
Appearance 17/20
Smoke/Ash 7/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 17/20
Aroma 4/10 (4,4,4)


Review - Balmoral Royal Maduro Robusto - 84/100

This dark temptress is a similar taste experience with its corona sized sister. As Robusto is a larger in diameter, this specimen is suitable for a proper lounge smoke, when you have neither hurry nor worry. If you are becoming an expert in the art of cigars, you could probably find this cigar to be too boring to be an exiting journey to the Carribean. Anyway, i think this is a proper (however quite expensive) basic cigar on the large scale of sizes.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 17/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 17/20
Aroma 5/10 (4,5,5)


Monday 23 April 2007

Review - Balmoral Royal Maduro Corona - 83/100

Balmoral is a typical Dominican cigar as far as i see it. The mild aroma with tender strength combined with the dark wrapper of this maduro cigar create a sophisticated and mellow pause in the midst of daily chaos.

The Corona is a perfect size for this kind of cigar, as a longer smoking session might make you numb for the sweet and soft arome. This cigar can be smoked on one stand but i prefer laying this baby down once in a while and sip for some other flavors in between lungfulls. This guarantees that the smooth flavor presents you with its best features.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 17/20
Appearance 17/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 18/20
Aroma 5/10 (4,5,5)


Review - Rosa Cuba Flor de Rosa - 82/100

This Nigaraguan treat is what i was recommended at a local cigar store as an everyday smoke. Nigaragua is not the first thing that comes to mind, when a newbie like me is asked the origin of quality cigars. Fortunately I was proven wrong.

Flor de Rosa is perfect in size to be enjoyed with an espresso or a cup of regular coffee. The full Aroma and the spicyness of this cigar guarantee a spill of color to your grey life. As this cigar is inexpensive to say the least, I can sincerely recommend this to anyone who likes to some more often than once a week. This one is a keeper.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 17/20
Appearance 17/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 17/20
Draw 18/20
Aroma 5/10 (5,6,4)


Strenght 6/10
Aroma 7/10

Review - Partagas Petit Corona Especiales - 88/100

Partagas Petit Corona Especiales was my first encounter with Cuban quality cigars. As far as i can tell, this could not have gone much better. The middle strong, middle aromatic flavor of this middle sized cigar is in its entire essence Medium - a thing a real Newbie can appreciate!!!

PPCE is totally enjoyalbe and smooth tasting cigar to be a good experience for everyone looking for an easy smoke.

I like

Origin: Cuba

Construction 18/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 7 (6,7,7)


Strenght 4/10
Aroma 5/10

More writers?

If someone should be interested, i can grant you writer priviledges to my blog, so that you can write reviews etc. just wave...


Please, If you have recommendation of any kind (cigar, storage etc.) , do not hesitate to write a comment... i need guidance on my path to expertise.

Basic needs

As a newbie, i am still struggling with the basic things.

I have just ordered a 25-50 pcs humidor, but it is still finding its way to me somewhere on this planet.

while ago i built a "tupperdore" with my own two hands. exitingly enough, i managed to level the humidity in it to 70% with just a few simple things (including an airtight plastic container, some oasis sponge, plastic container for the sponge, propylene glycol, distilled water and a hygrometer). you can find instructions on the net, but if you'll need help, just gimme a hint and i'll see what i can come up with.

more about the cigars in the future...

The Journey Begins

Well, I decided to start my blog to share my experienses in the fine art of smoking cigars. I am a newbie in that sport, so do not assume, that i know anything. All i am about to write is only based on my personal views and experienses. I you want to participate, advise, ask, gimme hard time or just say hello. please feel completely free to do so...

a little of myself. i live in finland. my age is admirable 27 years. i have started my journey into the world of cigars about a year ago.

Cigar prices in finland are extremely high, so i order mine on the net from Germany...

i will be writing more soon about my first encounters with Cuban, Dominican and Nigaraguan cigars.

Please, if you read this, leave a sign