Monday 23 April 2007

Review - Rosa Cuba Flor de Rosa - 82/100

This Nigaraguan treat is what i was recommended at a local cigar store as an everyday smoke. Nigaragua is not the first thing that comes to mind, when a newbie like me is asked the origin of quality cigars. Fortunately I was proven wrong.

Flor de Rosa is perfect in size to be enjoyed with an espresso or a cup of regular coffee. The full Aroma and the spicyness of this cigar guarantee a spill of color to your grey life. As this cigar is inexpensive to say the least, I can sincerely recommend this to anyone who likes to some more often than once a week. This one is a keeper.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 17/20
Appearance 17/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 17/20
Draw 18/20
Aroma 5/10 (5,6,4)


Strenght 6/10
Aroma 7/10

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