Friday 11 May 2007

Review - Montecristo 3 - 92/100

Today i experienced my most intense cigar yet.

To enlighten you of the background of this situation i first must tell you a couple of details. This whole week has been a very terrible one: i had the flu, my wife scrached up my BMW (i don't blame her thou) and i have been working overtime to get the monthly Profit & Loss reports to our corporate management.

I took my car to the shop, got the reports done and thought that i will whipe it all away with a reward cigar. and indeed it was a reward, like which i would have never guessed it to be.

At this point i have to remind you, that my reviews are not based on any expertise but my subjective feelings and thoughts of each cigar.

So, I walked to my humidor and grabbed the Cuban Montecristo 3. This corona sized cigar is close to perfect in appearance and structure with smooth outer surface and roasted honey color. Its unlit flavor clearly stated "i am a full-bodied Cuban cigar".

From the first draws it felt like an easy one. The first third of the cigar gave away medium strong flavor with hint of citrus fruit in it, promising a great experience. The second third turned out to be the WOW-moment of this cigar. the aroma built into a full sample of Cuban craftmanship, flavor now changing from bitter citrus to sweet, resembling a sweet tasting red wine with medium roast coffee. this is atleast as i tasted it.

In the mid section of the cigar, i was overwhelmed with two separate memories from my past. First it reminded me of my honeymoon. The salty warm breath of the ocean wind on the beautiful white beaches of Mauritus. From there i jumped to my granfathers cottage in the middle of nowhere in southern Finland. Beautiful nature, birds singing up in the trees and a whirl of smoke rising from the chimney of the sauna.

This all i experienced sitting out on my balcony, smoking the best cigar i have tasted yet and looking down towards the park in our backyard.

A little bit expensive but highly recommendable.

Origin: Cuba

Construction 18/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 18/20
Aroma 1st third 9/10 (9,10,9)


Strenght 6/10

Aroma 8/10

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