Tuesday 1 May 2007

Review - Montecristo Joyitas - 88/100

I have found the best aroma so far... Montecristo Joyitas, as tiny as it might be, is full of flavor and taste, suited to fit my taste. this cigar is firm in structure and has a smooth outer wrapper, beutiful roasted honey in color and suitable for every day smoking due small size.

The first smell of it unlit, did not promise anything extraordinary, but did not dissapoint either. However, when lit, the carneval of flavours made my tongue pop. The cigar began similar to a smooth, easy tasting dominican, but when furhtering the experience, turned out to be a full blooded cuban delicacy. very full and round in flavor, i found hints of fruits and cherry while working my way thru. I recommend.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 18/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 18/20
Aroma 7/10 (6,7,7)


Strenght 5/10
Aroma 7/10

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