Tuesday 1 May 2007

Review - Nigaragua Selection Senjoritas - 70/100

Inspired by the good experience i had with the previous nigaraguan cigar, i tried to find another as tasty as it was. However, this cigar did not fill my expectations. From Bugge's own Nigaraguan Selection, this Senjoritas was blunt both in aroma and in flavor.

Unlit and on the first couple of draws, hints of pepper could possibly be identified. Towards the end the taste almost made your tongue numb, but mayde some berries hidden in the numbness. I plan not to but these cigars again. they just are not my cup of tea.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 15/20
Appearance 15/20
Smoke/Ash 6/10
Burn 15/20
Draw 15/20
Aroma 4/10 (4,3,2)


Strenght 6/10
Aroma 6/10

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