Saturday 23 June 2007

Review - Cohiba Robusto - 95/100

If i ever should be so lucky to run into a better cigar than the Cohiba Robusto, i might have to rate it full points. It is amazing how good a cigar can get when every single detail just hits perfection.

This is just one of those things that cannot be put down to words. I really think you should experience this yourself. Anyway, i'll try to describe this marvel to you a little.

I have often heard said, that Robusto sized cigars do not offer as wide and interesting experience of flavor as bigger cigars. In my opinion, what robusto loses in lenght it gains in ring gauge. And as far as Cohiba Robusto is concerned, it is not in any way a lesser cigar compared to other of the Cohiba. The immense amount of pleasure that i got from this cigar is beyond description. Perfect from the first draw to the very last, when i burned my fingers.

All the exiting flavor and spicy aroma rounded by creamy tunes, offering extremely well balanced, full bodied Cuban Luxury, that everyone should try to experience some day.

What i really liked about this cigar was, that when i first lighted it, it gave a great balanced tobacco flavor as distinct to the Cubanos as it can be (and i thought WOW).
Then via some interesting corners, the taste turned out to be spicy, peppery and somewhat woody or cedary. And still around all this was the nice creamy flavor (and i thought WOOOOW).
Then, as i came to the point, where most cigars turn sour (3/3), the taste just got more intense but never harsh, not even close. All the flavor just got amplified by the oils gathered around the end, and the pleasure kept on going (and i thought WOOOOOOOOOOOOW).

Then, long after i had enjoyed the cigar, i had a great lingering after taste in my mouth. pleasant, creamy and gentle. (And i thought, that i do not have to think anymore, just feel it.)

This is why i love this cigar.

Oh yeah, there are also the facts such as perfect burn and draw, beautiful light grey ash and arousingly awesome touch, feel and looks of this cigar that cannot be overlooked. Perfect.


I am terribly sorry, but due some experiences of inconcistency i have to lower the scores for the CoRo. The more CoRos i smoke the more they seem to vary in construction, draw and somewhat in flavor too. Two points off... cheers

Origin: Cuba

Construction 19/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 19/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 10/10 (9,10,10)


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