Saturday 14 July 2007

Review - Bucanero Clasico Maduro Churchill - 88/100

The cigar is not the same size with the one in the picture, but same blend. Just could not find a proper picture and forgot to take a pic of it before smoking. Anyway, here goes:

Clasico Maduro Churchill of the Bucanero line, is a great cigar. It has a firm construction, a nice cap and an oily, very dark wrapper. The surface is however scarred with clear, thick veins and a little ragged feeling, but not to the extent that it would do any difference. The unlit fragrance of the cigar is clearly that of a very dark chocolate.

The cut was clean and lighting the cigar was no problem. First draws were a little too loose and tasted of mild tobacco. When smoked for a while the draw got tighter and the flavor developed to be very sweet and light, even fresh you might say. It was a pleasant mixture of burnt sugar and wild berries, with a twist of lemon.

The ash grew solid and almost snow white, firm and solid. Smoke was also pleasant in color and smell. Extra points for this.

As i continued to the second third of the cigar, the flavors grew more intense and interesting. This usually happens in quality cigars at some point. Now the berries including cherry climbed to the stage and the tobacco flavor built up to full. Coffee and dark chocolate stood on the second row, just behind the berries. A very interesting and diverse mixture of flavor in all.

Closing down the end, the flavor grew woody and remained pleasant - neither too harsh nor bitter, as could be the case in some smokes, no matter how "high class"... Only major flaw could be the uneven burn, caused by the veins in the wrapper... I recommend

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 19/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 16/20
Aroma 8/10 (7,8,8)


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