Sunday 5 August 2007

Arganese Cigars growing and expanding

One of my favourite cigars - Arganese Maduro Chairman (rated 89/100) - comes from Arganese Cigars based in the Dominican Republic. I have had some discussions with some friendly people there and we seem to be building a strong relationship despite the long distance between the Dom. Rep. and Finland.

Anyway, i got this yet to be published press release from Arganese and also the green light to post it here. So, please enjoy reading and having a peek into the world of cigar production:

Since its founding, Arganese Cigars has been dedicated to supplying the “world’s finest cigars.” Recently, however, Arganese Cigars has been forced to expand in order to maintain quality and consistency, as well as to meet the growing demands of cigar retailers and smokers throughout the United States. As founder Gene Arganese explains, “by February 2007 I started to realize that our sales were increasing every month and our facilities wouldn’t maintain our high standards and handle the volume demanded throughout the country.”

In response, in March 2007, Arganese Cigars secured another building in Tamboril, D.R., located in LaPalma Firzona, only minutes from its existing factory. The new facility is four times larger and outfitted with the most advanced equipment possible. In addition to housing the finest plastic molds in the industry, the new factory’s state of the art humidification and aging rooms can hold up to three million cigars, enabling ideal rotation and aging of a larger volume of Arganese Cigars.

Arganese Cigars has also hired two more master supervisors, who, combined, have over 50 years of experience in the premium cigar business. They joined the finest team of cigar rollers in the Dominican Republic, as well as an expanding support staff in the United States.

Arganese Cigars’ expansion proved timely, as the company was flooded by sales calls that poured in following the Tobacco Expo Plus in Las Vegas in April. Since the Las Vegas expo, sales have continued to increase each month. In an effort to keep pace with growing demand, Arganese Cigars has hired more staff, and secured contractual agreements with two more of the finest tobacco farms in D.R., as well as premium tobacco farms all over the world.

As Arganese Cigars grows further to meet the increasing demands of the cigar industry, founder Gene Arganese pledges to “experiment with innovative manufacturing techniques to better our products, and continue to be a leader in the industry while offering our loyal customers the world’s finest cigars.”

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The only thing i'd like to add to all this is, that i hope you'll go and find some Arganese from your local retailer or on the net and try 'em out. I am sure you will NOT be dissapointed.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they will be around in the future. i hear they have serious financial problems and maybe going bankrupt.

Mikko Eriksson said...

i agree

thanks for the comment