Monday 27 August 2007

Review - Bucanero La Noche Robusto - 61/100

Well... There is not much to write about the Bucanero La Noche Robusto. It is a Bundled cigar, made by hand from cut tobacco. The blend is that of "their finest maduros".

And maduro this cigar truly is... The color is nearly that of an Oscuro. And the taste is far too sweet throughout the whole cigar. While this is a quite medium bodied cigar, the extremely sweet flavor makes it hard to finish the cigar with one sit.

I guess this goes well with people who like this type of cigars, but i personally prefer more straight forward aroma and taste...

What comes to the construction and appeareance of this Robusto, they are ok. The short filler can be detected through the wrapper, which in itself is quite beautiful.

The burn is somewhat uneven and the draw is fine.

All in all, i will not buy more of these cigars. Simply not anything near my own taste in cigars.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 10/20
Appearance 15/20
Smoke/Ash 5/10
Burn 12/20
Draw 15/20
Aroma 4/10 (4,5,3)


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