Tuesday 9 October 2007

Been There, Done That - ASH 2007

Hello Hello,

On October 5th we finally got together and celebrated the excellent aromas and flavor of various cigars at the Ahjo NightClub. The place was great, drinks were excellent, people showed up with numbers exceeding my expectations and the cigars were awesome. What more can you want from your first ever organized cigar gettogether?

At the Ahjo, we had a part of the Black Lounge reserved just for us, so that we could enjoy our smoke in peace and so that other customers were not forced to participate through passive smoking (although the Black Lounge was reserved for smokers).

The Ahjo Club:

Finnish Veen Mineral Water:

French A. De Fussigny XO Cognac - 4cl in a Cigar Tube:

So I had my Arganese and Illusione cigars, flyers and World of Cigars review sheets with me and i quickly made the spotless desing lounge look like we had been there celebrating for years...

Arganese, Illusione and Bucanero (in the Partagas Box) Cigars:

The Mess:

What made me extremely happy was the fact, that some represents of the more beautiful gender showed up. Even if it is a generally known fact, that cigar aroma is not as appealing to most women as it is to men. It is always great to meet new Sisters of the Leaf! It adds more color to the dark and cloudy group of sturdy men.


The Men in the Dark:

More Men: Arno, Mikko, Veli-Matti, Martti and Lauri:

So, there we were, lighting up our cigars, drinking some great drinks and enjoying each others company, talking about everything under the sun.

Arno Lighting the Next One Up:

Some Beauty With the Beasts: Oona, Manni and Ilari (not a beauty though):

That is Me on the Right:

As I got some cigars from my sponsors Arganese and Illusione, i thought it might be a good idea to give people the same review templates I use for the blog and ask them kindly fill them up. It worked great! People reviewed every different kind of cigar during the night, and i intent to post some of their comments in the near future as i review the cigars myself. I promise, that their opinions will shine through in the reviews.

Martti Filling Up the Review Sheet, Piia Enjoying the Arganese Maduro Chairman Churchill:

Here is a couple of photos by Martti, who also had a camera on him. These photos prove, that smoking cigars is all about the experience: the taste, feel, fragrance and - as seen below -aesthetics.




All in all, we had a great time, and as such, decided to keep the good times rollin'. I am already counting down to the next Autumn Smoke Herf - ASH 2008.

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