Sunday 9 December 2007

Future for Cigar Aficionados and the Cigar Business?

This is a time for some serious words.

As Finland along with the other European countries, has played a card of wide smoking bans in restaurants and other public places, private clubs and smoking lounges are the only possible way to ensure positive future prospects for the cigar business and the pleasures of quality cigars.

This has been aso addressed by the Cigar Cult Journal magazine (editorial 1/2008) and the Editors-in-Chief & Aficionados, Dr. Helmut Romé and Reinhold C. Widmayer. This is in brief, what they have said:

"In some cases ther will be an absolute smoking prohibiton in the restaurant business and in other cases the desired separation into smokers and non-smokers areas will become a reality.

However, there is no reason to fall into resignation. Nothing is achieved through moaning and complaining. What is now at stake is the use of available area of personal freedom for the fine smoke. Since pleasure smokers of cigars, unlike cigarette freaks, will not have the desire or even be able to smoke a petit corona outdoors in freezing temperatures, as this contradicts the very idea of pleasure provided by the cigar, smoking for pleasure in cigar lounges and private clubs will have to be further encouraged.

Those thinking ahead in the gastronomy and hotel trade are already readjusting step-by-step to the new smoking conditions. However, the matter cannot ramain merely with individual adjustments. The tobacconists are also being called on this respect to become involved in the developement of new legal possibilities for pleasure smoking.

Cigar smoking in the future will almost exclusively take place in these spheres. The more lounges and clubs which are existing, the more important it will become for the tobacconists to target these areas of smoking freedom with their marketing efforts.

Along these lines, the demand for cigars and pipe tobacco can again be normalized or quite possibly increased. The creating of areas of freedom forthe fine smoke is the key to the future of the specialized trade, since the people will certainly continue smoking cigars or pipes. The problem is the restriction of the possibilities which have existed up until this point to enjoy them. Only a progressive strategy can step-by-step overcome the current restriction of smoking possibilities. And this within a legal framework.

Fine smoking will also survive these times, as has already been successfully demonstrated repeatedly during the varied history of smoking."

For that, I call for tobacconists, hotels, clubs and aficionados to take action together towards enabling the future of the cigar business and pleasures of fine smoke. I am all available and ready to create genuine cooperation between products, places and customers to establish opportunities for doing business and enjoying quality cigars. Just give me the sign!

I am asking the help from all of my affiliates and friends, advertisers and readers, strangers and acquintances. Please, help me in this quest for establishing places where supply and demand can cross ways and where the individual right for the fine smoke is cherished.

Contact me, e-mail me, call me or grab me by my sleeve wen you see me and tell me what you think we can do together for our future.


Mikko Eriksson
a Concerned Aficionado
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