Thursday 13 March 2008

The Announcement Party - March 1st - Ahjo Bar&NightClub

The announcement party for my firstborn son - Max - took place at the Ahjo Bar&NightClub on March 1st 2008. I had invited all my friends and family - men AND women alike, not to discriminate anyone. The only rule was, that you should be able to enjoy the night in a thick cloud of smoke. So, it happened, that no women turned up... it figures!

Anyway, we had a great time amongst the men and enjoyed some great cigars and drinks as well as great company and many untold stories about life with and without babies.

Almost all my closest friends and relatives popped in for a smoke, so this event could be seen as an unofficial gathering of the "Kerho" cigarclub members too...

before the event, i was planning to pass around the Cusano 18 Double Conneticuts and Paired Maduros as well as the Cuvée Rouges and Blancs, which i had coming my way through from Joe Chiusano at the Cusano Cigars. What happened was that the Finnish Post Service lost my shipment for four days, and i never got the cigars in time. Too bad, but hey, atleast i have some great cigars for the next Kerho-night.

So, to replace my dissapointment, i stacked up some cigars - including Arganese - from my humidor and from a shipment i got on behalf the whole Arganese Family to celebrate my firstborn son. The cigars i passed around were the Arganese Maduro Chairman Churchills and Coronas, Arganese Double Wrapper Churchills, Santa Damiana Seleccion 600's and Bucanero La Noche Bundelos. Someone was kind do share a box of Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales too.

Thank you all for participating, in person or with cigars!


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