Saturday 17 May 2008

The Cigar Experience

Smoking a cigar is not funnily enough all about the cigar. Smoking a cigar is a holistic experience of the pause in your life, the surroundings, a good beverage, perhaps a few good friends, and all that is related to the quality cigar you are holding in your hand.

That experience can be taken one step further with a little help from a company called Cigar Experience.

In all its simplicity, their main service is providing live cigar rolling demonstrations at parties, including weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, promotional events, grand openings, or any other event where their services are requested. The Cigar Rollers are available only in certain areas of the USA (LA, NY, San Diego, SF, New Jersey, Sacramento and Conneticut), but as far as i can see, there are no limits in expanding their business.

They also provide cigar bar services with cigar experts to provide a full vip cigar experience and custom cigar bands for example weddings and company promotional events.

The business is run by one man, Jeffrey Henderson, who got into smoking cigars parallel to his involvement in marketing. His main job is managing the business developement in a company concentrating in Search Engine Optimization, and while buiding his first site Jeffrey started smoking cigars, which he quickly found that he really enjoyed.

While the website started out simple in November 2005, Jeffrey soon found himself getting inquires on the website for cigar event related services. He went on to build a network of vendors around the US to provide the cigar rollers or cigar bars for the events.

When asked about the Philosophy of his company, Jeffrey stated it as such:

"Our philosophy is that enjoying a cigar is a special experience, thus the name Cigar Experience. We focus on helping our clients enhance the enjoyment of their Cigar Experience in any way we can, or any way our client would like."

In my humble opinion, that is some genuine Value Added to the experience of smoking a quality cigar.

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