Monday 26 May 2008

Review - Cumpay Robusto - 84/100

The Cumpay cigar line comes from Maya Selva Cigares, and is the Nigaraguan pride and joy of the company. The Cumpay Churchill was selected as the best nigaraguan cigar in the 2000 Cigar Throphy awards, and the whole Cumpay line was voted "best value" in 2007 Cigar Trophy by the European Cigar Cult Journal.

The now reviewed Robusto sized Nigaraguan puro has a beautiful maple coloured wrapper (Habano 2000 seed) with a golden shine to it. The cigar feels right to the hand and looks great over all.

The smell of the unlit cigar is sweet and inviting, as first puffs give away a strong tobacco flavor companioned with some roasted sugar. Definitely a full bodied smoke. The flavours do not develop much along the way though. The cigar remains a balanced mix of strong tobacco, leathery flavor and coffee notes from the beginning to the end. The cigar opens up a little at the very end, creating a tasty and creamy finish to it.

The draw is excellent, but the burn is off, which can be a sign of problems in the construction. The ash has its problems too. It seems to fall apart and to shrink in size, which could also refer to constructional problems. I'll have to return to this cigar to make some better judgement on the construction. The smoke is plenty in white and of pleasant full tobacco aroma.

All in all, the Cumpay Robusto offers good value to your money with its affordable price and great full bodied experience. I see why the ECCJ voted this the Best Value brand in 2007. This falls under the category of "average smokes" in my books. I hope returning to this smoke gives me a better view on the constructional shortcomings and corrects my opinion.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 14/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 16/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 8/10 (7,8,8)


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