Wednesday 30 July 2008

Tested and Reviewed - An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars

Author: Min Ron Nee
Honorary Consultant: Adriano Martínez Rius
Second Reprint 2005
492 pages

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars is often referred as the "cigar bible", and is very much true to this name. It's author, Min Ron Nee, is undoubtedly one of the few true Aficionados of Cuban cigars, and happens to own one of the most amazing collection of Habanos on this planet.

Thru his wide knowledge of probably every single Cuban cigar out there, Min Ron Nee has put together an extremely wide study on the post-revolution production of Habanos and related subjects. He has described the characteristics of every cigar, and even discussed the aging potential and profile, as difficult a task that can be with published information lacking beforehand.

What goes for the book itself, the printing is flawless, pictures are beautiful, and the materials premium. All in a coherent and a concise form to give you an next to perfect reference guide to the world of Habanos.

The one thing i most like about this book is, that although in addition to hard facts it gives you (among other things) detailed descriptions on flavor profiles of certain cigars, Min Ron Nee has done this with the notion that this all is through his own personal experience and subjective opinion. As he says:

"The beauty of this world is that everybody has different beliefs, opinions and preferences. It does not matter at all whether yours are the same or different to mine."

I was fortunate to have my dear friend David Haegens at La Casa de Puros provide me with the copy reviewed here.

My point being: Get your copy and enjoy!


Nathalie Balduck said...

Where can I buy this book?

Mikko Eriksson said...


best bet is to google it out. these can be difficult to find. I could imagine any authorized Habanos retailer could help you out. (see i.e. LCDH's (

hope this helps...


Sufiarban said...

I have this book if you want