Thursday 31 July 2008

Tested and Reviewed - Xikar Xi3 zebrawood cutter

The Xi3 double bladed guillotine cutter by Xikar is a great example of design and engineering. It looks great, especially the zebrawood on the shiny steel. The mechanism of the blades is ingenious, but combined with the sleak form, it can be a little tricky to handle. A tleast, it requires a little time to get used to.

I have heard a few cases, where the wooden parts have come of, when dropped on the floor, but otherwise, the Xi3 seems to be safe and sound to use even in a rough spot. It feels solid to your hand, and gives you the feeling you are using your whole hands to cut instead of just your fingers.

Partly from the solid structure, rises the singe downside to this cutter. The blades, although extremely sharp and extremely powerful, are somewhat too thick and can cause pressure on the cigar. The pressure causes the cigar to give in just enough to possibly crack the wrapper and ruin the cigar. I have seen this only on a very few occasions, and it can as well be a result of something entirely different reason.

I use it, i like it

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