Tuesday 30 September 2008

ASH 2008 Updated - World of Cigars Shop / Spreadshirt

Regarding the ASH 2008, I have the pleasure of announcing a sponsor to the Charity Event, that is not directly related to cigars. Spreadshirt is a company which enables people to design, custom, buy and sell unique print clothing and apparel.

Spreadshirt makes it possible for those with private and commercial internet sites to market their homepages quickly, simply and independently. Anyone with an internet presence can create an online shop with individually created products and connect it with their homepage within minutes. You just need internet access as well as your graphic and logo data. Spreadshirt will take care of the rest from payment processing, production, and shipping to after-sales service. You simply just have to market your products online.

Spreadshirt can be found at http://www.spreadshirt.net/

In celebration of the 2nd Annual Autumn Smoke Herf, i have established two separate WoC shops, in which you can either buy the official World of Cigars clothing and apparel or create and order your own desings. From all WoC products which are purchased before the ASH2008, I will donate to the children’s hospital the whole comission i gain from the sales. From sales After the event and before 2009, I will donate 50% to the named charity. The rest of the comission goes to running and developing the World of Cigars Blog.

Some samples of the products are available for purchase at the ASH2008 event against donations, Compliments of Spreadshirt.

The Official WoC apparel is for sale at:


and the Designer to create your own products can be found at:


More information can be asked simply by sending me e-mail through the contact me tab on the navbar of my pages.

Have Fun... and most of all: Please buy to benefit the Charity.

PS. I will soon post a “pricelist” for all the cigars, drinks and products you can buy against the donations for charity at the event. Stay Tuned.

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