Thursday 25 September 2008

Tested and Reviewed - Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors

Finally i got around to write this review on the Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors. It has been a while since i got the three samples from Josh Richardson at Cigar Caddy and i have been trying to put them through the purgatory ever since.

The Cigar Caddy is basically an Otter Box case suited to carry cigars. The case is made from durable ABS plastic that’s reinforced with fiberglass. It is air and water tight with a proper foam cushioning inside. The test subjects were the travel humidors for 2, 5 and 10 cigars. In addition to these, Cigar Caddy can be acquired also for 15, 18 and 30 cigars.

First of all, these babies can handle almost everything. You can drive your truck over them, throw them around, drop them in the water hazard at the links and smack them to a wall. Yet, cigars travelling inside safe and sound. At least, i was not able to destroy my precious smokes by keeping them in the Caddy through all the above. And, what is also extremely important, the cigars stay humid, thanks to the humidifiers inside the 5 sticks and above versions of the Caddy.

I sent one Caddy overseas to the US (i live in Finland) and asked the recipient to tell his views on it, how did it handle the trip, how were the cigars inside and if he is likely to use the Caddy going forward. All comments were as i expected, the Caddy was in pristine condition as were the cigars. As far as the usage of the Cigar Caddy goes, he was thrilled to have a decent travel humidor to take his smokes around, instead of some DIY solution for the task.

All in All, I highly recommend getting yourself one or two sizes of the Cigar Caddy if you want to travel with your cigars, smoke while playing a round of golf and/or spend quality time on your boat or summer house. My job requires me to go around and i trust the Cigar Caddy to keep my cigars safe wherever i might end up or whatever period of time i will be away from home.

If i would rate accessories, i would give Cigar Caddy 100 points out of a 100.

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