Saturday 25 October 2008

Success! ASH 2008 - Been there, done that


I want to thank all the sponsors and quests of the ASH 2008 event. It was a huge success. A lot of people came by, a lot of networking and future plans were made, many great cigars smoked, and most of all, a good amount of money was raised for charity. The final calculations are not in yet, but we should now hard facts next week. I will, then, write a full feature story about the event and all the things involved. Just please wait a bit more...



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Anonymous said...

Hei Mikko
Oli hieno ASH 2008 tapahtuma ja alan harrastajia koolla lähes 30 ja kaukaisimmat aina Moskovasta saakka. Lahden Sikariklubin jäseniäkin saapui kaksittain ja Robaina Clubilaisiamme oli jo useimpiakin. Toivotaan seuraavaan (Pikkujoulut?) "BIG SMOKE -iltaan" osallistujia entiseen tapaan. Terveisin, Sikari-Jukka