Sunday 23 November 2008

Review - Arganese Cigars CL3 Robusto - 88/100

The Arganese CL3 was one of the smokes of ASH2008. As such, i heard a lot of opinions from the quests and they were all positive.

The CL3 is "to the third power", which stand for the triple ligero construction of the cigar. It is rolled from 100% First Generation Cuban Seed tobacco, trying to reach the "Cuban Profile".

The wrapper is a little uneven in color, but a treat for the eye non the less. The cigar feels quite hard but gives you a perfect draw. From the first draws, it is clear, that the CL3 carries a lot of power and character. The full bodied smoke offers a spicy and leathery profile with hints of nuts and cedar. The finish is somewhat dry.

The hard character of the powerful tobacco and spiciness mellow down half way through, but do not think, that the intensity would diminish. This cigar gives its all to the very end. At the very end, the flavours turn a little papery though.

In the end, the CL3 is a skillfully rolled and a great tasting cigar, which maybe does not offer you the world, but does not dissapoint you either. A good choice for an after dinner smoke.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 18/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 8/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 7/10 (7,8,6)


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