Sunday 23 November 2008

Review - Arganese Cigars ML3 Robusto - 82/100

Arganese ML3 Robusto - What to write about this one? The question arises to me, as with this, i have to balance between the overall quality and the performance of the cigar, and the personal preferences of flavour and my "Nordic Palate".

To start with, the ML3 has a nearly black Brazilian Maduro wrapper, and although it has a beautiful oily shine to it, i just do not consider cigars this dark to be beautiful. The unlit aroma is excellent. Full of dark chocolate, cocoa bean and sweet tobacco.

Luckily, the sweet chocolate flavours show up in the smoke too and through the somewhat tight draw, notes of cocoa and espresso are noticable. What next appears, is that the cigar is a little too sweet and a little too juicy with the maduro profile to suite my taste. On other hand, i assume, this cigar will do great on the US market. After the half way mark, the exotic and "bloated" body of the ML3 smoothens down to give way to some woody and grassy flavours with a hint of acidity, and that finally leads to a bitter finish. The ML3 could go great with a light Lager or Ale beer, but on its own, it is a little too exotic for me.

I also had to go and correct the burn a few times while smoking, which i did not like.

Despite it few flaws and its America targeted profile, i tend to think the ML3 Robusto is a good cigar. It is just not ment for my (or the Finnish) palate.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 19/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 14/20
Draw 16/20
Aroma 6/10 (6,6,5)


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