Sunday 23 November 2008

Review - Arganese Cigars - Nigaraguan Figurado - 90/100

The Nigaraguan Figurado from Arganese Cigars is a beautiful cigar. It is expertly rolled and has a stunning, brown wrapper with a bronze shine. The cigar feels good in your hand and gives away a strong, full fragrance unlit. The burn is a little off at times, but corrects itself with no problems.

The draw begins a little tight, but loosens up in a little while. And as the draw corrects itself, generous flavours of rich, sweet tobacco and coffee notes become obvious. This full bodied smoke lends some characteristics of the Cuban Maduro cigars - It has the same dark feel to it. What the cigar wins in the generous, dark power it loses in complexity. Over all, the cigar does not develope significantly along the way, some hints of chololate or cocoa can be detected though.

Oils and tar gather t the tapered end of the figurado, giving it an even more intense flavour in the end. Although the flavours fill the palate completely, it remains smokable and enjoyable until you burn your fingers. Highly recommendable.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Construction 20/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 16/20
Draw 17/20
Aroma 9/10 (8,9,9)


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