Friday 19 December 2008

House of Grauer Luxury Chocolates - The Cigar Smoker's Chocolate Companion

I think there is no better time to write and review some luxury chocolates, than now, Christmas on our door step, just asking permission to enter our prepared homes. What makes this write up even more enjoyeable, is that the chocolates made by House of Grauer have been made for enjoyment with quality cigars. This unique concept combines two things i love profoundly.

According their own words, Grauer chocolates are an online revolution for cigar aficionados. Grauer House has created the concept of "chocolate and cigar pairings" based on a very simple idea, namely that the pleasure of smoking should not be limited to the universe of the cigar. When enjoyed together, chocolate and cigars bring out the very best in one another. With each mouthful you will experience a new alliance, and your palate will discover an unsuspected world of harmony.

The chocolates themselves are produced by hand according to the tradition of Swiss chocolates, using traditional techniques but modern recipes. Each different type of chocolate has their distinctive character build up from the high quality ingredients carefully picked to create an unique composition of taste, appearance and texture.

The philosophy behind the Aficionado's Collection is to create new sensations together with the characteristic flavours from the cocoa bean and the tobacco leaf. The aim to create a harmony between the flavours and to offer something more - a new experience through the balance of the two products.

Online, House of Grauer presents their carefully selected pairings and gives guidance on how to select the right chocolate for the right range of flavors in a cigar. In all simplicity, you can order your chocolates online, delivered within 48 hours worldwide, then go to your humidor, pick your favourite cigar, check out the pairings on the web to choose a suitable chocolate and finally enjoy the extended experience.

The selection of chocolates is wide, and i have to say, they are all exquisit! From all the different flavours and pairings i tried with the small sampler provided, i found two over the others.

1. The Hawaiian Kona Coffee Bean chocolate together with Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios cigar

2. The Italian Lime chocolate together with Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigar

I myself, did not take the pairing guidance from the pages as given, and went with cigars i thought had some of the characteristics described there rather than blindly going with the suggestions.

I will not go into describing every different chocolate, as they are all unique, and you might as well go to and try them yourself. All in all, I highly recommend the experience.

cheers and happy holidays!


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