Monday 22 December 2008

Review - CAO MX2 Beli - 86/100

The CAO MX2 Beli is a huge cigar. It is huge, not only in size, but in overall appearance too. Its shiny, next to black Conneticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper is an awesome sight. The wrapper is also one of the thickest i have seen in a while. The wrapper is however very uneven and has strong discolorations, and that lowers the total points unfortunately...

Similar to the Sopranos edition from CAO, the tobacco used in the MX2 is from all around. In addition to the Conneticut wrapper, the binder comes from Brazil and the filler from all over Central America. This should give the cigar complexity and depth, but once again, the different leafs with different charachteristics seem to dissapear behind one layer of simplicity.

The medium bodied MX2 Beli is a good, well balanced cigar, with an earthy profile with tones of dark chocolate and espresso - familiar flavours for maduro lovers... The cigar also has a nice spicy touch. The overall flavour profile did not develope much after the spicy beginning smoothing down when reaching the half way mark. From that point forward, the cigar had a very generous creamy feel to it.

A decend smoke that needs a lot of spare time due to its monstrous size. For that, not an everyday smoke.

Origin: Nigaragua

Construction 18/20
Appearance 16/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 17/20
Aroma 7/10 (7,8,7)



Anonymous said...

I actually just smoked this cigar and I didn't get those espresso/chocolate flavors that you did. I thought it was more like licorice. But each cigar is different. I thought this cigar was worth 88 points though, which isn't that big of a difference from your score.

Mikko Eriksson said...

hey Travis,

i am happy to hear experiences from other people. After all, the sensation of taste is a subjective thing. Some of us are what are called undertasters and the rest are overtasters, which to some extent defines which flavours are dominant on your palate. And in my opinion, that is what makes this all interesting... to discuss what flavours everyone can find in cigars... Happy holidays and New Year!