Sunday 24 May 2009

Review - Gurkha Grand Age - 88/100

Gurkha Grand Age is the first one form the company with a cameroon wrapper. It is also somewhat limited in supply with only 200 boxes made every two or three months, and i must say, it is worth getting your hands on.

Grand Age comes in boxes of 50 cigars and has formiddable measures of 7.5 inches long and a ring gauge of 54! Don't be frightened though, as the Grand Age is an elegant smoke...

It has a unique blend of a Cameroon Wrapper, Nicaraguan Binder and Nicaraguan and Peruvian Filler, which create a wide range of subtle flavours throughout the cigar. The pleasure starts with a delight to the eye by the beautiful dark wrapper and to the nose by the sweet scent. From the first draw you can already tell, that with its perfect draw and generous amount of beautiful white smoke, the Grand age is going to offer a long and excellent smoking experience.

The profile of the cigar consists of sweet, creamy and cedary flavours twined together with a fine thread of vanilla and spice. As a mild to medium bodied smoke, all the subtleties can be detected. A well balanced cigar in other words.

Smoking along the huge length of the cigar, spice becomes more apparent and maybe even some hints of cocoa and red berries can be detected.

All in all, The Gurkha Grand Age is a great cigar which goes well with the warm summer nights at the patio, cooling off with a glass of ice tea. I will definitely try to get a box and make it the cigar of summer 2009.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nigaragua
Filler: Nigaragua, Peru

POINTS: 87/100 points

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