Thursday 13 August 2009

ASH 2009 - Update


As the Dawn of ASH 2009 is closing in, i thought it would be a perfect time for an update. Nothing dramatically changed - One new sponsor. Now we have Puros Indios/Reyes Family, EO Brands/601, Maya Selva, Vintage Chic and Bucanero along for the ride!

As usual, Donations for charity 10 EUR or more will be greeted with quality cigars. I have also a collectors item Cigar CUtter for sale, as well as raffle tickets for a box of cigars to sell! all cool stuff... spread the word!

1 comment:

Jukka said...

Thanks Mikko. Nice Cigars and all..
Jukka ja Vesku
PS. Vaiting 4 next party.!