Thursday 15 October 2009

Cohiba Gran Reserva Siglo VI - Cuban flamboyance


The Cohiba Gran Reserva Siglo VI is now available at LCDH Hamburg.

When this cigar was first launched during the 2009 Habanos Festival it caught highest attention - which is something that I did not see for many years. Some funny story about this very special cigar happened at a private dinner in Havana the night before the Festivals Farewell Gala. After the main course I took out the Gran Reserva I was given as sample to check it out. James Suckling, Cigar Aficionado’s man in Havana, looked at the cigar and could not resist to ask what is was. I could not even finish my answer when he grabbed MY cigar, smoked half way through it and was blown off his socks. That cigar is the one he rated 100 points Now, back to the cigar.

The Cohiba Gran Reserva Siglo VI is a unique cigar as no current Havana has this unique taste. The El Laguito (Cohiba) cigar factory made cigars are blended with a very special and nowadays hard to find Ligero. This rare and special Ligero leaf is hand picked one by one from the finest bunches of aged tobacco - the best of the best! That special Ligero leaf is THE secret behind the unique taste of the Cohiba Gran Reserva. The ones of you smoking Havanas since the late 1980’s might remember the heavy taste of wet soil blended into sweet tobacco flavour - that comes close to what I think makes this cigar to a great one.

If there is any Havana cigar you should try it is this one. You will never forget the fantastic flavour this Havana cigar produces….

Available as singles and in boxes of 15


Luke - AspiringGentleman said...

Beautiful cigar, packaging and label. Cohiba sure knows how to maintain their position at the high end of cigars.

Unknown said...

This is a very elegant cigar. Nice and refined flavours. Decent strength. More delicate than powerful.