Monday 7 March 2011

Cigars and Casinos

Smoking and casinos used to go hand in hand but recent changes in smoking laws in the US have seen even some casinos cave in to the non-smoking push. While most Vegas casinos still allow smoking in some areas, the tide seems to be shifting in the favor of the non-smokers, so the days of enjoying a fine cigar while gambling in Las Vegas casinos may be numbered. Knowing where in Vegas you can and can't smoke isn't an issue for fans of online casino games but others should do their research before visiting Sin City.

As far as where you currently can and can't light up your Cohiba in Vegas, every casino currently offers at least some areas where smoking is still allowed on the gambling floor. This includes areas where slot machines are located as well as popular tables games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette; pretty much any place you can gamble offers some areas where smoking is allowed. The biggest exception are poker rooms, as the vast majority are completely smoke-free now so if you're a poker fan you'll have to leave the cigar behind (or keep it unlit) when at the poker tables.

In general the newer casinos such as the Wynn, Palazzo, and Bellagio have the most designated smoke-free areas, while older Strip casinos and downtown casinos are the best bet for the smoker who likes to enjoy a cigar or cigarette while playing. Most areas of convention centers are now entirely smoke-free, as are showrooms and other public areas. Many restaurants are smoke-free as well, but some do have designated smoking areas.

As online casinos fans already know, a convenient way to get the best of both worlds is to play blackjack online and smoke all the cigars your heart desires from the comfort of your own home. You won't get comped free drinks and can't enjoy the lights and excitement of Las Vegas but you can enjoy your favorite casino games without ever leaving your favorite chair. Online casinos also offer generous new player bonuses that can add free money to your gambling bankroll, something next to impossible to get in Vegas these days no matter how much you gamble.


ironmeden said...

I was in the Dominican Republic a few years ago and even there we were not allowed to smoke cigars anywhere in the place. I thought the home of some of the best cigar brands in the world, even a casino would be cigar friendly.

Green Mountain Realty said...

I still do not understand why so many people get uptight about cigar smoke. I have been in world class restaurants and bars alike that still allow it, but some people still go ape around cigar smokers. I love cigars and love the smell of others smoking their cigars. Love your site by the way.

buy cigars said...

I will say that smoking is totally personnel thing and govt can't interfere in anyone personal life, if he wants to smoke and buy cigars online then let them do it. Buying cigars online is best way to hide who is smoking and who is not.