Thursday 26 April 2012

Unique humidor project - 1950's school desk

I wanted to share this item with you, as i consider it to be extraordinarily fantastic!

It is a refurbished school desk from the 1950's transformed into a cigar humidor/station by Alan Gwiz. It is beautifully restored and built, and really a unique piece of the world of cigars! Check out these pics, simply beautiful!

You can find more on this and other projects by Alan from the Gwiz Shop at I will be following his work closely and update you all on every development there is to report.

Great work Alan!




filtered cigars said...

What can I say....I WANT ONE! Such a unique idea, and the quote inside, well, that just sets it over the top doesn't it? Very nice...

Cigar Sam said...

This is awesome! I always wanted one of those coffee table/humidors but this might be cooler. Get a little work done and get a whiff of my stogies at the same time... genius!

cigar50 said...

That is a really cool desk! It would look so cool with some custom cigars in it!