Monday 17 December 2012

Cigar Journal: Missing Partagas Manager

Cigar Journal reported the curious removal of Abel Exposito from the Partagas Cigar Store position. Cigar smuggling perhaps? All comments welcome.

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Picture: Cigar Journal

"Abel Exposito has mysteriously left his position at the Partagas.

November 14, 2012. Rumors are swirling around Havana as Abel Exposito has mysteriously left his position at the Partagas factory cigar store. The store, a La Casa Del Habano franchise, is iconic due to its location inside the Partagas factory. But more than that, Abel has turned the store into a meeting place for international cigar lovers visiting Havana. 

Cigar Journal has confirmed that Abel is no longer working in the store and that he has been replaced by Rene Valdez. Mr. Valdez previously worked at the Romeo y Julieta factory."

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