Friday 15 February 2013

Light. Smoke. Remember.

When i review cigars here on World of Cigars, i usually write down notes to what ever paper i happen to grab with me. Usually i then forget about the notes and they end up in trash, preventing me to go back to them if i do a comparison of certain cigars with different age. There most probably was some notes on the paper which did not reach the review on the site and might be significant when returning to the cigar when there is few years on them. A shame really.

To help me out, my Friend Kyle Gellis sent me this really nice cigar journal!

Nice execution and attention to details. A great high quality product.

I love the quote from Winston Churchill on the first sheet.

I will most definitely use this notebook for all my future notes for my reviews.

You can all get your own at

Thank you Kyle!

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