Saturday 23 February 2013

Review - Cuenca 5 Anniversary Torpedo Box Pressed - 89/100

Celebrating their 5th anniversary, Cuenca Cigars has released a limited production cigar called, surprise surprise, 5 Anniversary. 

The cigar comes in a form of a box pressed torpedo, sized 7x54. 

The dark Habano wrapper gives out a silky hue which is a pleasure for the eye. The cigar feels good in hand (although i do not prefer pox pressed) and seems to be of a good construction. The unlit aroma gives promise of something flavorful with hints of cocoa bean and black pepper.

The large torpedo starts out with an abundance of smoke and a sting of spice and pepper, soon to mellow down. When past the blast in the beginning, the flavor profile offers a good balance of spice, leather and black pepper underlined with a sophisticated sweetness.

This medium bodied cigar offers good balanced complexity, which does not, however, develop quite enough down the road for my palate. Nevertheless, a great cigar to celebrate anyone's birthday.

Happy Birthday Cuenca! Well done.

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nigaragua

Points: 89/100

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