Thursday 28 February 2013

TAG Heuer Monaco - Time for a Champion?

As the Formula 1 season start creeps closer day by day, i thought it would be a great time to start my new post series called Timepieces with featuring one of the most iconic watches for the racing world:

In 1969 the Monaco was the first ever water resistant watch with a  square case and working on the Chronomatic Calibre 11, first ever square automatic chronograph. What helped to make the Monaco legendary was the fact, that Steve McQueen wore it in the film LeMans. Since then, the Monaco has remained as a highly desired piece of elegant watch and racing history.

I myself carry around this version of the beautiful piece of design history - TAG Heuer Monaco Calible 12 Automatic Chronograph in black:

I love every variation of the Monaco watch. Here is one of them featured separately:

And how has Monaco developed? Take a look at the Monaco v4 - the first belt driven timepiece! Talking about sweet!

If you have any opinions on TAG Heuer Monaco watches or would like to share pics of yours, please feel free to comment or send me email through the "contact me" button in the navbar!



Anonymous said...

He wore as many watches as Elton John wore glasses..

Anonymous said...

He's the king! However he wore as many watches as Sir Elton John wore glasses..