Thursday 26 September 2013

No. Ten Manchester Street opens Cigars at No. Ten

While waiting to travel to London myself next time, i am pleased to share some great information on the new cigar shop and indoor tasting room at hotel No. Ten Manchester street:

No. Ten Manchester Street, a boutique hotel just off Marylebone High Street, is pleased to announce the opening of their new cigar shop and indoor tasting room, Cigars at No. Ten, just in time for the onset of the Autumn chill.

Combined with No. Ten Manchester Street’s awning-covered, heated Cigar Terrace or COSA (cosy, outdoor smoking area), Cigars at No. Ten is conveniently placed to sample and purchase cigars whilst the intimate Tasting Room, inspired by the old Havana streets of Cuba, is also ideal for guests and cigar enthusiasts to unwind and indulge in their favorite passion. Cigar concierge, Maurizio Zatti will help guests select their cigar and match their drink to suit.

Cigar shop customers and guests are allowed to sample full cigars, which change in flavour and depth throughout smoking, before making a purchase. Cigars at No. Ten houses one of London’s finest selections of cigars supplied by Hunters&Frankau and stored in a magnificent bespoke floor-to-ceiling humidor. The selection includes both Cuban and New World offerings including Punch serie D'oro No2 Limited Edition 2013 and Montecristo 520 Limited Edition 2013.  The hotly anticipated La Flor De Cano Gran Cano will also be available from the 17 October following a special presentation by Hunters&Frankau and further events are planned with Hunters&Frankau and additional partners including Hennessey cognac.

Cigars at No. Ten
Open from 12pm - 1am for non-hotel residents and is open 24/7 for hotel residents.
The private Cigar Terrace is open from 12pm – 9pm.  I 020 7317 5928


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