Sunday 22 September 2013

World of Cigars Charity Cigar Sales 2013

Time to make room in the humidor for new things, so...

World of Cigars is now offering all excess stash up for charity sale! 

Few basic things:
  1. Seller (me) is a private person. (all taxes and duties with initial purcahse have been paid by me)
  2. This campaign is in any way NOT related to any company or organization 
  3. The charity sales will be open for at least 2 months
  4. All "orders" through
  5. Paypal preferred - depending on location
  6. All cigars available will be listed in my Humidor page HERE (click link - list updated weekly)
  7. Prices are estimated lower than retail price
  8. All money gained will go to charity (TBD, most likely the new Helsinki Children's Hospital)
  9. The amount gained will be reported frequently on
  10. Any donations (in form of cigars or other items for sale) are welcome. Please contact me through email
  11. All cigars have been stored in a cabinet humidor in controlled environment
  12. Estimated shipping and handling has to be paid by the buyer
  13. All cigars will be shipped in ziplock bags
  14. I will not take responsibility of shipments lost, cigars damaged, duties or taxes, only sending the Cigars through mail to a defined address
  15. All inquiries, feedback and questions should be addressed to
  16. Enjoy!

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