Wednesday 12 February 2014

Review - Adorini Prato Deluxe cabinet humidor

I got myself a new cabinet humidor as a part of my "organize my cigars" effort. I am trying to simplify and downsize my stash in order to give more room to other furniture and interior design. Now i got my Cuban cigars in a brand new Adorini Prato cabinet humidor from Humidor Discount. Here are my experiences with the humidor...

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I set up the humidor with proper preparations and as the humidity had leveled at solid 70% i stacked all my Cubans in. I used 2 out of 3 shelves and all 3 trays for singles for my collection, leaving one spare shelf if i ever needed one. The internal dimensions of L: 39cm, W: 36,1cm and H:68,1cm were just enough to fit all my Cubans - Perfect!

The cabinet came with two acryl polymer based humidifiers, which are barely sufficient to keep up the humidity level at a steady 70%. This might be due to the somewhat loose seals on the door (probably because some wood distortion). So, at this time, i have extra acryl polymer humidifiers which keep the humidity at a desired range. Later, i plan to tweak the door or the seals myself.

Fixing the gaps in the door seals is really my own desire for perfection, rather than really a real flaw of the humidor - with proper humidifiers (i.e. electronic humidifier which is recommended by HD) there is no issue. I might even pop some led lighting in there for a unique touch.

What i really like about the Prato, on top of the simple and stylish design, are the trays for the singles. The full cedar trays have been designed to enable free air circulation and can be divided with the cedar dividers which came with the humidor. Also in the package there were some tags on which you can write information about the cigars in order to keep track on age and such.

Now all i really have to do is to admire my new cabinet for my Cuban cigars (and occasionally refill the humidifiers). And of course come up with a solution to store my non-cubans, which still remain in my monster of a cabinet.

The bottom line is, that the Adorini Prato cabinet humidor is a stylish and sensible way to store your boxes and singles up to 800-1200 cigars depending on their size. The cabinet comes with a price tag of 749 EUR VAT and shipping included which i think is reasonable for a decent cabinet humidor of good quality.

More pics to follow...


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