Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review - Casa Magna Oscuro Toro - 90/100

Casa Magna Oscuro Toro is one of those cigars, which are great, but do not offer anything to exceed expectations. This is, however, depending on your personal expectations. Mine were relatively high, as the Colorado Gran Toro earned 89 points earlier here and the Colorado Robusto has been ranked high on CA in the past.

The unlit Oscuro Toro promises to deliver at least cocoa and coffee with some hints of wood or grass. When lit, the performance of the cigar was flawless all the way through, as expected from a quality cigar.

What about the flavor then?

From the start, it becomes obvious, that this cigar is based on the core of cocoa and coffee, accompanied with sweet plum and spice. Further down, the cocoa and spice come forward with greater intensity, followed by some woody notes.

Closing in on the band, the cocoa and sweet plum step aside and wood, pepper and spice conquer the palate, holding their banner high for the rest of the cigar. Here is where the cigar can also become bitter, if smoked with haste and not in a cautious manner. The finish is long and pleasantly creamy with some pepper.

Overall, this medium bodied cigar is excellent value for your money. It is an easygoing cigar with good balance and honest approach. Not pretending to be something it is not, but standing true to its character.

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras/Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Points: 90/100

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