Monday 19 May 2014

Review - Cohiba Piramides Extra - 94/100

Ever since the 2006 Limited Edition Cohiba Piramides, i have been waiting for the vitola to hit normal production. Now the Cohiba Piramides Extra has been around for a couple of years and i must say it was worth the wait. Inspired by this, i plan to also publish a review on the 2006 LE soon, but first things first.

I love the shape of the piramides in general and the Piramides Extra is a great example of the vitola and the craftsmanship behind it . the wrapper has a silky shimmer. Unlit, the cigar gives a delicate fragrance of leather and oak. In the beginning the draw is a little tight, but opens up after a few minutes. The start is creamy and has definite oak and leather flavor.

After a short while, the cigar really opens up and creates delicious flavors of honey roasted nuts and rye bread (Finnish, that is) combined with hints of pepper. Half way through the cigar powers up and builds more sweetness from the honey. The finish is quite short and creamy.

The last third is a beautiful balance of strength and flavor and is the portion of the cigar which really is worth it for me. The strength does not eat away the creaminess, but adds on top the flavors and brings along also more leather and oak. All the way through, the Piramides Extra is a creamy and smooth cigar with a kick in the head at the finish line.

In my opinion, a great cigar for aging. Currently, not the best from Cohiba, but close enough.

Origin: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Points: 94/100

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Unknown said...

There is a nice complexity throughout the cigar. I like the strength increased over time.