Tuesday 27 May 2014

Review - Shuriken cigar cutter

Every once in a while there is a new innovation in cigar accessories popping out to the market. Usually some sort of an alternative design in search of the perfect cutter.

The Shuriken cigar cutter is one of them. It is basically just a closed tube with some blades at the end where you stick your cigar and the blades run slots through the cap. There are, however, some basic issues in the design.

First, the blades do not offer sufficient cuts to enable good draw. The blades just make slot to the cap and when you go about improving the draw, you end up slashing your cigar up quite badly... Second, pushing your cigar against the blades creates pressure to the cigar to which it is not design to. This can cause the wrapper to rip or even fracture the whole structure all the way through the binder. There can be the same risk to small extent also in punch cutters, but at least with punch you see the blade going in and can easily control the pressure through that. With Shuriken you go blind.

Nice idea, but why try inventing the wheel again? There are plenty of simple and effective cutters out there. No need to go all experimental.

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