Wednesday 4 June 2014

June 2014 newsletter sent: New exciting things - stay tuned!

Just sent out the June 2014 newsletter to subscribers. Please subscribe! Below you can find the text from the letter. The complete letter you can find HERE

"I am thrilled to update you on some exciting things already done and to come in the next few months on!  
I have been vigorously working to create a visualization of my reviews - cigars, ratings, origins. I am also currently building a visualization on the flavor profiles of the reviewed cigars to be used as a reference when comparing cigars and trying to find new cigars which would match your preferences. Work is still in progress. You can access the visualizations HERE. 
I am also pleased to announce upcoming cooperation with Xikar. This cooperation will result in a look at many cigar accessories Xikar has to offer. We will also be publishing useful and interesting articles about the cigar culture, advice for the smokers and stories behind the business. Products featured and article subjects are still open. 
I will also take a step aside from cigars in form of a snus review - the Islay Whisky Snus by my friend Conny Andersson. 
You can find a list of the upcoming reviews at the bottom of the left sidebar on 
Thank you for your support! Keep reading!"

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