Friday 31 October 2014

Cigars on the go - About travel humidors

Traveling with cigars can be a challenge. How do you keep them humidified? How do you protect them from damage? Common methods used in the past included wrapping the cigars in bubble wrap, newspaper, or even socks. Luckily, cigar smokers now have better options with near indestructible travel cases.

The best cigar cases, commonly known as 'travel humidors' are made out of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is an excellent material for protecting cigars due to multiple properties:

  • Heat Resistance: ABS plastic can withstand lasting temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Impact Resistance and Toughness: ABS Plastic is one of the toughest plastics on the market, and twice as strong as the common plastic polypropylene.
  • Odor-Free: ABS Plastic is odor-free, and will not affect the quality of the cigars.
  • Buoyancy: ABS Plastic will float, making it great for trips to the lake or ocean.

When choosing a travel humidor, it is best to choose one made from ABS plastic and has a tight seal, which is necessary to ensure proper humidity. Often times, the cases will come with a built in foam humidifier, although you can always add your own humidification as well. This tight seal can also cause some difficulty when traveling via airplane, as the pressurization can make the case difficult to open. Look for travel cases that have a pressure release valve which will counteract this problem, or simply leave a piece of the cigar's cellophane sticking out of the case when you latch it shut. Both of these methods will promise that you can still access your cigars after you have arrived to your destination.


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