Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's a boy !!!

Hey all,

I am sorry for not posting in a while and this mode might continue for a while, since on JAN 14th my lovely wife gave birth to our first born - a perfect little boy...

I am overwhelmed with both the amount of love and work that comes with having your first child and i truly hope you will forgive my not posting for a while. As i regain from the positive shock, i will try to write something (including the long requested Adorini Chianti Grande Humidor review) intelligent here.

Now, i am off to change the diaper and feed Eriksson jr. Hope to see you all soon...


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Tested and Reviewed - Zippo Blu Butane Lighter

For a long time i tried to get my hands on the new Zippo Blu lighter. I tried to track one down from local retailers as well as harassing the people at the US Zippo headquarters. The problem being, that the Zippo Blu had not landed European soil yet.

Well, it took some time, but then at last i heard from some great people at the Scandinavian Zippo Marketing / Mr. Rikke Nielsen and a finnish importer Pekka Jerkku Oy/ Ms. Susanna Grahn. They offered me one of the new Zippos to be tested and reviewed here. Thank you guys, i really appreciate it! This is a kind of gesture, that makes it possible for me to run the blog and update it with great posts.

Now i have been using the Zippo for a month and testing it in action. First of all, i have to say, that the idea of a blue butane flame coming out of a Zippo took some time to get used to. Now, though, it seems to be the next natural step for the 75 years old Zippo company. As the interest in quality cigars is increasing, the regular Zippo just does not serve as a lighter for the aficionados.

What the Zippo Blu really does, is that it combines the iconized Zippo design and its flint ignition system with the flavourless and scentless butane flame.

Overall, the lighter is great, but it has some flaws too. The filling of the lighter was somewhat difficult at start, but that is partly due to the fact that i used an universal filler fluid, which did not have the exact adapter for the Zippo intake. It would probably be best to use just Zippo butane for the lighter, but that somewhat cuts down the freedom of choice a little. The gas level of the lighter is inspected through a small window on the side, but it really does not give you a proper picture.

The flint ignition is a little cumbersome, as you have to hold down the wheel as you roll it to start the butane flow. Then the button has to be held down similar to other butane lighters to keep the flame up. At the first ignitions the flame was somewhat flickery but it has been consistent and of great size once over the first tries.

This all might sound a little harsh, but Zippo Blu really is a good lighter. And personally I would be ready to forgive even greater flaws just for the cool and flashy image of the lighter. It is a true Zippo after all. Everywhere i have been using the Blu, i have had interested people asking questions about it and wanting to try it. They all have liked the idea and given it their thumbs up. The familiar clicking sound of the lid together with a proper way in combining the flint and the blue butane flame really make the Zippo Blu a lighter worth considering. And if you happen to like the regular Zippo, the Blu is the next obvious thing for you to buy and try.

Check out more details here, or contact me to ask additional questions or to give your comments.