Friday 29 August 2008

2nd Annual Autumn Smoke Herf - ASH 2008

Hello Hello,

It is time to start planning the 2nd annual Autumn Smoke Herf - ASH 2008. Last year was a success for a first timer, and i hope this year will be even better.

I just thought i might give you all a heads up and maybe some time to think if you want to be a part of it all... All help and all guests are always welcome.

The event will take place in October, and again will be a somewhat informal get-together of
cigar smokers to enjoy the good life and to share the passion.

You can find stories and pictures of the 1st ASH at

Please, get back to me as soon as you can, if you would like to participate in a way or another.
I am open for all suggestions.

I will share a preliminary banner of the event later on, when i know a little more details...


Sunday 17 August 2008

As some of you might have noticed already, my blog has moved from the to a new address.

Everything else remains the same

(both addresses will work in the future)


Saturday 16 August 2008

World of Cigars - Logo Design Competition

This is simple:

Design a Logo/Header for World of Cigars (

The header on my pages is 960x100 pixels, but the logo can be of any size...

Style free.

Competition will be open at least until the end of September.

Winner will get a prize including perhaps cigars and accessories, but i have not thought that through yet (for this i am sorry).

You can send me the designs via e-mail (contact me tab).

Does this sound fair? did i forget anything?

Questions? just give me a holler


Tested and Reviewed - Havana style Panama Hat

I had been looking for a good quality smoking hat for a long time. As i happen to own lots of caps and wool hats, i was closing down to get a panama hat. Fortunately for me, Casey Dazell at Panama Hats Direct jumped to my rescue and started to consult me on having a right kind of a hat.

After a while, i came to own a gorgeous hand made Havana styled hat with 3 inch brim and "fino" texture. The band is made of silk, and beautifully compliments the color of the hat.

Now, i can smoke in style... check out the pictures:

A beautiful, high quality hand made hat... Thank you Casey!

Saturday 2 August 2008

Sorry for the downtime

Hello all,

as you probably noticed, IE was not able to show my blog for a while. The reason was due a third party service, that did not allow this for some reason...

the problem is solved now however, enjoy the blog!