Sunday 29 July 2007

Review - Partagas Serie D No.4 - 93/100

Partagas Serie D No.4 is a great typical Cuban cigar. It is a pleasure to the eye with its oily, chocolate wrapper and solid structure. It is also a pleasure to the nose - the unlit aroma is gentle and soft, promising a tasty smoking experience. In fact, all the basic qualities are there in addition to the perfect wrapper and great structure: Easy lighting, easy cut, and close to perfect draw and beautiful white smoke and ash.

The PSD4 is a little slow to get started. In the beginning it offers great flavor of tobacco and some woody under tones. It turns out to be a sturdy smoke right from the beginning. When the second third of the cigar closes down however, the flavor picks up faster and more intense that you could predict in the beginning. A very complex range of strong flavor jump out of the cigar and play on the tip of your tongue, creating a very special mix, that one could describe as a classis amongst habanos. No wonder PSD4 is the biggest selling Cuban robusto out there at the moment.

The flavor is a mixture of spices and dark chocolate with woody and somewhat earthy character. Towards the end, it developes into something i might describe as a mix of salted liquorice and Finnish rye bread. The Robusto size is perfect: it gives the tobacco room to burn cool and create different flavor up in between the filler leaves. If this cigar was even a bit smaller in ring gauge, it would probably make the flavor too bitter and strong to be enjoyed as one of the best "all-purpose" Cuban cigars ever.

This full bodied Cuban delicacy is no doubt a classic. The cigar used for this review was from an -06 box, and as far as aging goes, this cigar is probably made just for that. For now, I can only imagine what a few years more can do with a cigar like this. In all, the Serie D No.4 is one of my favourites.

Origin: Cuba

Construction 19/20
Appearance 19/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 19/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 8/10 (7,9,9)


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