Sunday 4 November 2007

Cigars of ASH 2007 - Arganese and Illusione

As i have described in some of my previous posts about the ASH 2007 , the cigars were provided by Arganese Cigars and Illusione Cigars. Thank you once again guys...

These cigars got some good reviews from the quests and some great insights too. I will post my own evaluations as separate reviews, but here are some comments about the cigars from our guests...

The Arganese Conneticut Ambassador Torpedo was considered to be a mild cigar. Even so mild, that some of the more weathered guests thought they were too mild. But then, that is what the cigar really is. The Ambassador blend makes the cigar light in body and creamy in flavor. This cigar was thought to be at its best with cigar beginners and maybe as a lunch smoke, when strong full bodied cigars might be too much. Nevertheless, some of our guest, who were a little less familiar with the world of cigars, thought they were great. (65 to 75 points /100)

The Arganese Maduro Churchill Chairman received some great reviews from the guests. Most of them liked everything about it. But then, what is there not to like: great in appeareance, aroma and flavor... As a medium-bodied cigar, this was pleasant for everyone. Its chocolaty tones with coffee-like hints got many thumbs up and some wide smiles. (70 to 85 points /100)

Both of these above mentioned cigars are a steady Arganese quality. Nice looking smokes which find their fans easily and with a wide range of cigar smokers.

The Illusione Cigars F9 was a success amongst all the more experienced cigar smokers. It was considered to be a flavourful and balanced smoke with some characteristics of Cuban cigars. As a full bodied smoke it suited the aficionados better thatn the beginners, who considered it too strong for their taste. What everyone agreed on these smokes was the beutiful, oily and dark wrapper which gave no room for anything less than full points on appearance. (80 to 90 points /100)

Please stand by for my own opinions on the smokes...

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