Sunday 4 November 2007

Review - Montecristo Robusto Edición Limitada 2006 - 90/100

To be honest, i have never been in such a confusion over a cuban cigar, that the Monte Robusto EL 2006 is causing me. Do not get me wrong here, it is a good cigar, but it is still so very young to be a great cigar.

The Montecristo Robusto EL 2006 is a beautiful Robusto, with a dark and oily veinless wrapper. The cap is that of a cuban top class and the construction is nothing short of perfect. I have been hearing some negative comments on the burn of this cigar, but i found no hints of any flaws either in the burn of the draw. Everything was in place as far as i see it.

The flavor starts up like a Montecristo should, strong and powerful. But the start is the only similarity to a "typical" Montecristo that you can find in this cigar. Going on to the end of the 1/3 and to the 2/3 totally changes the nature of the cigar. Charred wood, burned bread, pepper, spices and some earthy notes garther up to a strong flavor, that can scare some smokers. The finish is very rich and woody.

Now there, keep in mind that this is a very young cigar, and it tastes like one too. That explains some of the most powerfull flavors bunched up in there, and that is what makes this cigar so confusing. It does not taste like a great cigar, but i am 100% sure it will be one in a couple of years.

The Montecristo Robusto EL 2006 is deninitely worth trying when young. If not for the flavor, then at least to educate you on what a young cigar tastes like. And when you smoke one of them with a couple of years on it, you will definitely see what time does to a cigar, and why i am giving this cigar such a high score.

So, some of the points are given on the pontential with aging. Let's see in a few years if i have to give it a higher score (i truly believe lower is not an option)... You can shoot me if you disagree...

Origin: Cuba

Construction 18/20
Appearance 18/20
Smoke/Ash 9/10
Burn 18/20
Draw 19/20
Aroma 8/10 (7,8,8)


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Hey buddy, fantastic review on "Montecristo Robusto EL 2006". U have done nice piece of work.