Thursday 26 August 2010

Review - La Galana Torpedo Clásica - 89/100

The La Galana Torpedo are an oddity amongst many other cigars, as they are manufactured in Cologne, Germany. To my knowledge, the La Galana factory is one of the very few in Europe nowadays. The factory is owned and run by Annette Meisl, a friendly and a beautiful lady with a burning passion for cigars.

What comes to the Torpedo Clasíca cigar itself, it is a great smoke, starting from the look and feel... The cigar has a rustic wrapper with some veins and a shine, which reminds me of polished mahogany. It feels firm in hand and creates expectations with an earthy and woody fragrance unlit.

Spicy start to the flavor, showing off powerful tobacco and dark earthy tones, which smooth down going to the second third. Some distant whispers of heated wood and mushrooms. Like sitting on the porch after a sauna, watching the rain play on the leaves and trunks of late summer's trees. Finishes off with bitter liquorice.

A heavy, full bodied cigar with a somewhat linear profile, but a great smoke nonetheless. Some resemblance to a few old school Cuban cigars, although made from Nicaraguan tobacco. Goes well every time of the day, but really comes to life after a heavy and rich-flavored dinner or with a sweet drink in hand... 

Origin: Germany

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nigaragua

Points: 89/100


little cigars said...

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Cigar Store said...

The style and taste of your cigar looks impressive and i am gonna taste it as soon as possible.