Saturday 29 March 2008

Out of storage space -Help required !

As the World of Cigars is growing more popular and i have to expand my cigar selection to have something to write about, i seem to have run out of storage space.

I tried to do an inventory on m cigars to see, if i can manage my storage little better, but there is no way i can properly store all my boxes. The singles i can squeeze into my humidors, but for the boxes, i have to utilize an air tight plastic container for the time being. And for that i feel ashamed.

So, to properly store my cigars and to get more subjects to write about, i humbly make this plead:

If you are interested or know anyone who might be, to provide me with a quality cabinet humidor in exchange for some great visibilty amongst the cigar smokers, please contact me through e-mail (contact me button on the navbar).

And by visibility i mean a story about the provider of the cabinet and a review on the cabinet with links, and of course a link on my sponsors list and possibly a little spot on my homepage sidebar.

Details are open for negotiation.


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