Sunday 11 May 2014

Review - Partagas Serie E2 - 93/100

As a member of the Partagas family, the Serie E2 lives up to its heritage. When i grab a Partagas, i always have the anticipation of familiar flavor and experience, and this time is no different.

The start was not too great though. The cigar feels too firm and the draw too tight. Unlit, it can be describe giving a sweet peppery aroma with some cinnamon on the side. First draws, although tight, are creamy and nutty.

Luckily, after about an inch the cigar opens up on the draw as well as flavor. Familiar leathery and peppery flavors jump out from the white smoke. By surprise, some fruit and berries peek around the corner. Second third can be described by Partagas-like pepper and leather wrapped in a full creamy body. Finishing off in the last third earthy flavors combine with profound tobacco spiced up with pepper. The finish is peppery.

Definitely a Partagas. Solid great standard.

Origin: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Points: 93/100

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