Thursday 26 April 2007

Expanding the Realm

Today i registered to the forum for some peer support. trying to get sensible hints and tips and a little wider view on this subject. All help is appreciated!

Today i also bought a bottle of Lanson Champagne and 3 bottles of Freixenet Cava to be popped open on the eve of Labor Day, April 30th. We finns have a peculiar habit to celebrate every holiday a day too early (chistmas eve, midsummers eve etc...).

Luckily for me the champagne was stored properly at the retailer and is now as an anonymous commentor was wise to remind me of, thanks

May 1, we'll get together again with friends and have a brunch (Coeur de Filet and such) at a local restaurant and i'll definitely gonna enjoy an exellent cigar or two...

until then (or if i get the delivery from Bugge earlier...)

peace out


Anonymous said...

I just visited and read. Looks good!


Sanat on said...

Have you started drinking again? ;)

Anonymous said...

Champagne should be left to settle in a cool dark room for a week and then chilled for a day prior to drinking. Make sure the champagne is stored in a dark place (cellar or inside the box/carton) at your dealer's.